After Construction

After Construction

Well done, your dream home is ready! Your ideas and enthusiasm, the engineer’s/architect’s knowledge, the contractor’s experience and the service of suppliers have all come together perfectly to bring your home to life. It’s time now to complete the final touches and paint the house before the much-awaited housewarming ceremony. Let's have a look at an essentials checklist so that you can enjoy living at home with complete peace of mind for the rest of your life.

Don’t let water accumulate on floor surfaces

All floor surfaces, such as restrooms, terraces, and so on, are likely to be exposed to water on a regular basis. After applying a water-proofing treatment, they must be finished to ensure proper drainage.

Roof-top Rainwater Harvesting System for your home

If harvested and collected carefully, annual rainfall can provide adequate water for a family. Roof-top Rainwater Harvesting System for your home is not only affordable, but also simple to install.

Solar energy can be a great way to power your home

Installing domestic solar panels is a cost-effective and environment friendly alternative to conventional electricity. After paying off the original investment in the first five years, it can provide free electricity for life.


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