Before Construction

Before Construction

Once you have a piece of land and you are ready to build your dream home, you need to get building plans and permissions, appoint a good contractor and choose right-quality materials before you actually start building a dream home.

Building plans and permissions

Before starting construction, you need to have the architectural plan and the construction plan ready, along with an estimated budget and building permission from the local authority, as applicable. A reputed engineer/architect in your locality can prepare architectural and construction plan as well as an estimated budget based on your land details and the space requirements. Being a local professional, he/she should know the process of getting permission to build and obtain the same for you. He/she can also offer supervisory services during construction if you need them. The above services from an engineer/architect will cost you a little extra, but it can take away many hassles.

Appointing a contractor

Once you have an architectural and construction plan, a budget and permission to build from the local authorities, you must appoint an experienced contractor. One who does a quality job - according to the plan and within the estimated budget and timelines. Depending on your preference and needs, contractors might work on a material-only or labour-only basis. In either situation, please have a formal agreement that clearly states the terms and conditions of the contract. If you can't find a good contractor on your own, your engineer/architect, a local ACC dealer or an ACC officer may be able to assist you.

Choosing the right quality materials

Now that you have a plan, permission and a contractor who is ready to begin construction, you must select the right quality of basic building materials, such as cement, steel, bricks, sand and aggregates.

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