ACC F2R Cement

ACC F2R - Foundation To Roof is a cutting-edge cement with superfine quality and superfast setting formula that helps you build your dream home faster.


Value for money

The super-fine particles of this cement ensure that you get higher volume per cement bag, providing you with value for money.

Better workability

Engineered spherical particle shape and better particle size distribution (PSD) make the concrete more cohesive and denser.

Higher strength

Properties of Slag and Slag + Fly ash combined with high quality clinker give ACC F2R cement exceptionally higher strength.

ACC F2R provides 360 degree protection to your home from harmful chemicals right from foundation soil to roof, aiding durable homes.

Due to significant reduction in pores, concrete made with ACC F2R Cement is highly impermeable, providing protection from corrosion.

The particles of F2R cement are engineered to set fast* with enhanced strength for faster and stronger construction.

ACC F2R cement comes with a unique tamper proof packaging ensuring quality control, safety and no pilferage of your cement.

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Areas of Application

Foundation Concrete

Give long-term protection to your home’s foundation by safeguarding it from water percolation & the movement of chlorides, sulfates and other harmful salts in concrete

Beams and Columns
Beams and Columns

Protect your home from the flow of water molecules that could reach the reinforcement bars and corrode the steel. Keep the important structural elements of your home safe & durable

Brick Masonry

Enjoy excellent workability in cement mortar and carry out masonry work with ease. Also save on material and labour cost, due to less rebound loss

Wall Plastering
Wall Plastering

Prevent salt efflorescence on walls, by plastering them with this cement and enjoy healthy living indoors

Slab casting
Slab casting

Protect your home from the flow of water molecules inside. This will stop the corrosion of steel and keep the structure safe and durable

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